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Health Benefits

Health benefits of Saffron

Sometimes a cup of tea you plan to enjoy during the day may contain more than just water and tea leaves; it may contain an essence of luxury, an exotic history, a great taste, and a pack of health benefits.

For thousands of years in Asia, saffron has been used as a luxury & a medicinal herb to treat illnesses of various kinds. It is a great source of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium, and also has some vitamins such as vitamin C, A and B.  Recent scientific studies suggest saffron has a compound called crocin, which can help sharpen memory and learning abilities.

Many studies are constantly being done on the power and benefits of saffron on health. Although more evidence is needed to make firm conclusions, some studies have suggested that saffron:

  1. is high in anti-oxidants & helps in detoxification 
  2. helps improve general health & is considered disease preventing
  3. inhibits the growth of tumors
  4. helps treats depression
  5. helps in alzheimer’s treatment
  6. can be used to reduce asthma
  7. can be used in cancer treatment
  8. can be used to improve stomach aches
  9. can improve eye and vision health
  10. fertility among men and women
  11. improves digestion
  12. improves metabolism
  13. improves energy levels in the body
  14. helps better absorption of oxygen
  15. regulates blood pressure
  16. regulates blood sugar
  17. has strong aphrodisiac properties
  18. treats menstrual discomforts
  19. can be used as an anti-inflammatory
  20. can improve skin health
  21. can help with cholesterol regulation
  22. can help with cough and cold
  23. can help in liver and kidney ailments
  24. can help with fevers

The above listed are just SOME of the positive effects known about this wonder herb, and constant research is being done through the world on saffron. FIRE TEAS includes a strong dose of saffron and ginger, which is also known as the "universal healer", in many of our tea blends, ensuring you receive the highest quality and quantity of the “golden spices”.