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Transformative FIRE - AGNI

Teas should not taste good, but also serve a purpose, and the purpose could be as simple as enriching your life with great health and happiness.

AGNI, in Sanskrit means FIRE, and according to Ayurveda it is the FIRE/AGNI within us that is responsible for all metabolic and digestive processes that lead to our well being. The Force of Agni is responsible for the of energy which we gain from food, and transforming it to us which leads to healing, vitality and good health.

This creative and life sustaining force is not just in the human body, but is found in all aspects of nature, especially plants and herbs, which also have the power of transferring their essence into the human body, if consumed correctly.

An imbalanced Agni/FIRE can be responsible for many health issues according to Ayurveda, and this can include factors such as stress, bad diet, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. This pure and positive essence from herbs counter balances the negative effects of the toxic accumulations in the body, eventually making way for health and harmony to return to you.

FIRE TEAS aims to serve you with best herbs and teas that help you with the purpose of nourishing the “fire” within you, restoring good health and a positive mind. Hope you enjoy it!