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Why is FIRE TEAS different?

You must be wondering, why is FIRE TEAS different than other tea companies? In the end, its just a "tea" right? No, its an experience, unlike anything else you will find anywhere else!

The roots of FIRE TEAS are found in the foothills of the Himalayas, and the teas are made using complex formulations that were regional that were regional and only known to a few. Using herbs that have been known to heal the human body for thousands of years, our mission is to bring that healing power of "FIRE"in every tea cup you drink, with an amazing taste. In Ancient India, there is a concept known as AGNI (SACRED FIRE), which governs the healing powers of the body and transforms the food we eat into a life sustaining force that gives energy. The purpose of FIRE TEAS, is to awaken it!

Its a tea experience you wont find anywhere else, and also, its MADE IN THE US, in WA State using the best of the facilities and equipment known in the industry. The teabags are potent enough to be reused multiple times, or it can generate a full teapot. So easily, you can grab 3-5, 6oz cups out of it depending on how strong you want your teas.

FIRE TEAS has already served over 50,000 cups, with Sweet Hot Energy being the top favorite. This blend has been inspired by the ancient "Kashmiri Kahwa", which uses Green Tea as a potent base, but has many herbs such as saffron (the most expensive spice in the world), ginger (known as the universal healer), cardamom as well as cinnamon. And based on the love we received by tea lovers, 5 more unique tea blends were created, each with a different purpose and a different flavor, but with the same intention: give a delicious tea experience while our healing FIRE.

The well being of the environment is very important to our mission, therefore all pyramid teabags, are made using 100% biodegradable materials, and packed in compact rice paper pouches which use less space.

Is this different enough from others? We believe so, and hope you do as well. Try FIRE TEAS today, its risk free!